"Using the power of the universe for life's journey" 

 So, what is Astrology and how can it be used to offer help and guidance?

By pinpointing what stars and planets were doing in the sky at your date, time and location of birth; an astrological picture begins to take shape and form the basis of how the planetary system affects us all. 

You can see a sample of an astrological chart below.  

The chart can be built into something wonderful covering many different and varied aspects concerning our life on earth and how we fit in to the wide and vast universe that lies beyond the stars we see.


Hello and a very warm welcome to my website.

My name is Janice Walker and I am a practicing Astrologer.

My interest in Astrology and other healing practices began back in 1994 when I started to investigate beyond the facts of science.  Being a Chemistry teacher, I knew that much more existed beyond what science could prove and so my journey began. 

As well as studying astrology, I am a reiki master and work with angel and crystal healing.

Astrology is such a fascinating study and shows that a greater presence exists beyond our own physical world. It has been used since the dawn of time by our ancestors to predict and forewarn of future events.

 When you look at the sky and see all the stars at night, the sun bright in the day sky and the moon glistening and reflecting on the water, you can appreciate how vast the universe is.  

The movement of all that goes on in the universe ties so beautifully to who we are as living beings, from what was happening on the day/night we were born to what is happening in the skies now and gives us great insight to who we are and what we were born to be.

I hope to bring you lots of information on astrology, personal development and our spiritual journey. My website is just in the making - a work in progress, so please visit regularly for updates and more information.

with love,

Janice x